Complaint Submission

A statement of the journal’s process for authors to submit a complaint

Recommended Actions

UWJSS thinks it’s a legitimate right of the authors to resolve matters amongst themselves.

The complainant must be aware that the rejection is based upon criteria of the journal and not a personal decision. The investigation into the matter cannot be conducted until and unless the editor informs the corresponding author or the institution or company at which the research is conducted.

The editor should mention that the matter to the institution or company responsible for the manuscript, if the author fails to provide reasonable explanation. Though some agencies do not consider the disputes related to the authorship.

It is advised to the editors that they must seek the view / opinions of the third parties who have full knowledge and responsibility of the complainant’s alleged facts.

The complainant must appeal with logical arguments to the editor – in – chief, preferable online to reconsider the decision against the manuscript. The appeal should follow the proper channel.