Academic Writing Problems Faced by ESL Learners in Higher Education Institutions


  • Amna Umar Lecturer Visiting, Department of English, Lahore College For Women University
  • Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Associate Professor of Linguistics & Literature Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology, D.I. Khan
  • Dr. Fouzia Ajmal Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, International Islamic University Islamabad


Academic Writing, ESL Learners, Spelling, Vocabulary


English is used as a medium of instruction for educational purposes all over the world. All the subjects such as Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Technology are taught in English. However, students face difficulties to communicate effectively in that present study was conducted to find out the writing difficulties and the reasons for those difficulties. The sample consisted of the postgraduate students of University of Education Faisalabad campus. This study used quantitative method. The data were collected via questionnaire and were analysed by calculating frequency, mean, and standard deviation. The data analysis depicted grammar, preposition, vocabulary and sentence structures as main problems. Students felt that insufficient teaching methods are the cause of these problems. The students needed that teachers may deliver lectures in English language to improve their writing skills.




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