Chairman BOG

Chairman Board of Governors

Lt Gen Umar Farooq Durrani HI(M)


The University of Wah aims to develop a socially responsible generation of professionals, researchers and leaders for the Nation. The University, in unison with its vision, has launched a peer-reviewed Journal of Social Sciences (UWJSS). The journal provides a platform for academicians and policy makers to foster new paradigms in the fields of social sciences. It promotes research through contributions from multiple disciplines using diverse methodologies and theoretical frameworks.

The UW Journal of Social Sciences is part of the University’s concerted effort to promote a culture of research in the University. The journal provides a unique opportunity for researchers to publish their scholarly work in their respective areas of expertise.

The scope of the journal is to encompass diverse aspects of social sciences including psychology, sociology, economics and education. It is intended to encourage not only empirical research, but also concept papers that open new vistas in subfields of social sciences. Publishing such a professional journal requires lot of effort and dedication and I am sure the editorial team will provide quality service during the publication process.

As Chairman Board of Governors, I am confident that UWJSS will play a vital role in improving the research culture in social sciences.

My best wishes will remain with the Editorial Board.